The last week has been spent with our friends at AHISDO and CBISDO as we start a new chapter as a newly registered UK Charity.  The main aim was to discuss and formalise a partnership agreement, whilst getting a good sense of how things are going.

It’s so encouraging to see the huge changes made in both organisations.  There are still big challenges, and some major needs. The same applies to Ethiopia at large.  Costs just keep on going up and up, especially food costs, and it’s hard to know how people survive.  In this context, the work that both organisations do is invaluable: not just providing a lifeline for the children and elderly you sponsor, but offering opportunities for a fuller life.

However, there is a sense of hope: not only for the country, but also for AHISDO and CBISDO. After a lovely week of renewing relationships and setting out plans for the future, we look forward to continuing our support so that this hope is fulfilled.

Simon Paylor is a Trustee