We can now accept online donations!

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We have been working hard to make it easier for people to support Tesfa’s work with our community groups in Addis Ababa.  For most people, making a regular sponsorship payment by standing order is their main way of supporting Tesfa – and that very much remains our primary model.  But there are times when people would like to provide some extra support to our communities, or when there is a specific need.  The growing impact of the COVID pandemic is a current and pressing example.

We are always happy to receive donations by cheque or online tranfer (if you have our bank details).  But for some people it will be much easier to make a donation online using a credit card or PayPal.  We’re very pleased that this is now possible, using a service called Total Giving.  Why not try it now?

COVID-19 impact – Important news from CBISDO impacting the Child Sponsorship Programme

Note: This post was first emailed to supporters in April 2020

Dear Sponsor, hoping you’re all keeping safe and well

We wanted to give you the very latest news from our partner CBISDO, who run the project that looks after your sponsored child in Addis Ababa.  This communication has arrived from the Manager this week:


Currently things are not good here in Addis Ababa. People are horrified by corona virus or covid-19.The government has closed university, high schools, elementary schools,and kindergarten.And also some governmental organisations have been closed. So far, it is about 44 people have been positive in covid-19, two person died.

In the project itself, Provision of food services has stopped due to corona virus. Some students have come and take way their food. We have distributed sanitation material to their parents. And also government organisations have planned to support us in kind support. 


We are keeping in direct touch with our partners and through our consultant based in Addis who visits the project regularly on our behalf. That way, we will be able to keep you updated as they work through the immense challenges they face plus let you know of any other ways that we can help them during these unprecedented times.

We give thanks for our loyal sponsors always but especially at this toughest of times that is impacting us all.

And please join us in praying for all our sponsored children, their families, those working in CBISDO for their health and protection.

God Bless
Paul, Ben and Simon

A New Chapter


The last week has been spent with our friends at AHISDO and CBISDO as we start a new chapter as a newly registered UK Charity.  The main aim was to discuss and formalise a partnership agreement, whilst getting a good sense of how things are going.

It’s so encouraging to see the huge changes made in both organisations.  There are still big challenges, and some major needs. The same applies to Ethiopia at large.  Costs just keep on going up and up, especially food costs, and it’s hard to know how people survive.  In this context, the work that both organisations do is invaluable: not just providing a lifeline for the children and elderly you sponsor, but offering opportunities for a fuller life.

However, there is a sense of hope: not only for the country, but also for AHISDO and CBISDO. After a lovely week of renewing relationships and setting out plans for the future, we look forward to continuing our support so that this hope is fulfilled.

Simon Paylor is a Trustee


Proud to announce that the TESFA Trust is now officially launched!


It’s been our vision for some time to create a new Trust to build on the Sponsorship charitable work we have been running through our long-term partner, Life Church, over the last 19 years.

The vision is that over time, we will be able to expand the work and our links with two very special local charities working in the slums of Addis Ababa.

We currently enable 205 children to be sponsored and 16 elderly but we are keen to grow those numbers as sadly there remains a waiting list of both children and elderly in need of a sponsor.

To our existing sponsors, we say a huge thank-you for all your support for the sponsorship schemes – you really are making a massive difference to the lives of the children and the elderly.

And to anyone thinking of becoming a sponsor – please do get in touch, we’d love to have you on board!

All the best


Paul Wilson is Chair of the trustees