Like all charities, we are required to submit our annual report and accounts to the Charity Commission each year.  Our report and accounts for the year up to 31 March 2020 have now been accepted and published on the Charity Commission’s website, and you can read them for yourself here:

This 12 month period marked only the second full year of Tesfa Trust’s operation, and in that sense it was an encouraging year.  We spent much of the year putting in place the administrative systems and governance policies that will allow us to manage the sponsorship programme responsibly and effectively.  An important part of this process has been to appoint Tadesse Haile as our consultant and representative in Addis Ababa.  Tadesse is a long-standing contact, and has provided an invaluable bridge between us in the UK and our friends and partners on the ground in Addis.

Simon, one of Tesfa’s Trustees, with Tadesse during our last visit to Addis

Through the regular giving of our wonderful sponsors we have continued to provide support for 172 children and 16 elderly people in the two programme areas run by our partner NGOs, CBISDO and AHISDO.  We channeled sponsorship funds of nearly £35,000 during the year.  

At the heart of what we do are the children and elderly people who are sponsored through the scheme by many loyal sponsors, including several schools and church groups.  We are so grateful, as of course are those who are being sponsored.

You can read the facts and figures in our report, but to understand their impact we thought it would be good to let one of the young people speak for themselves:

Turn back the clock to 2004:

Behailu is one of 3 children but with his father being blind, the only family income is from his father begging and his mother getting work when she can.

It was really tough to send him to school every term and so he was behind in his education….

Then came the opportunity Behailu needed as a Sponsor was found for him. This enabled him to attend school each semester as well as receive one hot meal each school day as well as the basic school equipment he needed.

Behailu started to fly through the school years…

Wind forward the clock 15 years to 2019….. 

Behailu has just graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering after 5 years of study at University! He’s now started work with a private business. 

A special thank-you to his sponsor who was loyal and committed for those 15 years! 

Please do take the time to read the formal report, and please do let us know if you have any questions.

Paul, Ben and Simon – Trustees