We wanted to say thank you, again, to the many sponsors who so generously supported our special Covid Appeal back in the Autumn.  We’re delighted to report that over £3,000 was raised in total and has now been put to good use in the project areas in Addis Ababa.

Families receiving their supplies of foodstuffs and sanitary materials

The funds have been used by both of the project areas to provide basic foodstuffs such as Teff flour, pasta, rice and oil.  It has also provided funding for hygiene related products, such as hand sanitizer and cloth face masks as well as T-shirts for people living in the area with public health messages around hand washing and social distancing.   Your money has made such a difference to families who would otherwise have gone hungry and may have reduced the spread of Covid in an area where people live close together in often challenging circumstances.

Deep cleaning in one of the project areas

The funds raised by our appeal were divided between the two projects we support, CBISDO and AHISDO. In turn, they were able to combine this funding with additional donations from other organisations who support their work and deliver a co-ordinated response.

The teams in the project areas have undertaken some filming to demonstrate how the funds have been utilised. Their films can be accessed below. We have let these videos speak for themselves, so please be aware that they involve representatives from their other donors and officials from the local area. We hope they convey something of what the situation has been like in Addis Ababa.

AHISDO’s film, showing how their emergency funding was used
CBISDO’s film about how their emergency funding was used

Although our Covid Appeal is formally closed, you can donate to our ‘where most needed’ fund, and we will continue to support the two projects’ efforts to respond to the pandemic.

Thanks again for all your support.

Paul, Ben and Simon – Trustees